Fools Rush In . . . – 7

7 – Ni así la distingue (Even thus he cannot make her out)

The seventh print in Los Caprichos is the first to deal with the subject of prostitution in 18th century Spain. It depicts a young man attempting to woo a woman without realising7 - Ni_así_la_distingue she is a prostitute. Goya writes, ‘How can one make her out? Spectacles are not enough to know her for what she is; for that one needs good judgment and experience of the world.’

Goya’s attitude towards prostitutes throughout Los Caprichos is ambiguous. In some of the prints he shows true compassion and sympathy towards the women’s plight and the way they are treated by the authorities (and condemns the double standards shown towards men and women in sexual matters). However, in this print, he is critical of both the man and woman, describing the former as ‘blinded by lechery‘ and the latter as a ‘whore‘.

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