Albums that inspired The 109s

Iron Maiden – Killers

Some might be surprised by mention of this album as an influence, as The 109s’ music is clearly not Heavy Metal.

However, the songs on this album (the last recorded with original singer, Paul Di’Anno, who sang without the operatic warble of Bruce Dickinson) have a rawness, power and vitality to them that The 109s definitely try to emulate. Maiden were also one of the first killersbands to resurrect the (then) lost art of dual harmony guitar lines, which The 109s also use judiciously to add colour and substance to their songs.

Finally, the songs on Killers contain some amazingly dynamic changes in tempo and rhythm, and this is something that nearly every 109s’ song contains – we decided early on that we wanted to break free from the shackles of conventional song structure and really explore the skill of each musician in the band.

Up the Hammers!


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