I Love Muff

The Big Muff – another classic FX pedal, and a key component to my studio sound. The Big Muff is quite simply the best, most aggressively fun distortion pedal out there and an essential for anyone looking to achieve that classic, creamy late ’60s overdriven sound.

I love my muff. For starters, the range of different tones I can produce from it is awesome, 225and the separate volume knob means I can really give my solos a boost – that was until Damian (The 109s’ singer and rhythm guitarist who stands opposite and facing my amp at practices) complained that every time I clicked on the Big Muff, the resultant sonic boom was like “being kicked in the stomach” – which was a pretty accurate description of the feral bellow a Big Muff at high volume produces. This is why I only really use it in the studio now as, like Jurassic Park’s T Rex, the Big Muff requires careful handling. (Damian’s incipient tinnitus was also another deciding factor.)

There are two versions of this pedal – a small compact one and a giant, 1970s’ replica stomp box. Guess which one I chose.

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