The 109s’ Flight Log – 11/09/17

The 109s’ Flight Log – 11/09/17

After a summer of very satisfying festival performances, we are now focusing on our recorded output again and last week finished the mixes of the 11 songs that will comprise our second album (title as yet to be decided).

It is an exhilarating feeling to actually have the finished songs after so much waiting – the album required a total of 18 days in the studio, which were spread across six sessions and 11 months. sg

So, how does the new album sound? Firstly (and most importantly) it sounds better than our eponymous debut LP. On each of the new songs, we extend, expand and supersede the format established on The 109s (meaty riffs that occupy a sonic space somewhere between Sabbath and Zeppelin, married to harmony vocals à la Grand Funk Railroad) – the dynamics and interplay between the band are crisper, tighter and more exciting, and there is a far greater variety of guitar sounds and tones.

As the Record Company prepares the artwork for the album cover, the band is hard at work preparing for their autumn gigs and writing material for a third album.


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