The 109s’ Flight Log – 18/09/17

This week, we have started to write songs with the new line up. As some of you will know, 2017 has been a tumultuous one for the band, so it is a good feeling to get started on new material where our new singer and bassist can really stretch their wings, untrammelled by having to copy another musician’s work.

ledzeppelin2So, what sort of riffs are we working on? The first completed song with the new line up is an instrumental entitled ‘Unit 731’ and is the heaviest song we have written – it charges out of the gate with a truly sinister riff (hence the title) then passes through various changes which pay nods to Hendrix, classic-era Maiden and Zeppelin.

The influence of this last band comes as no surprise, as I am currently going through one of my obsessive phases when I listen to nothing but Led Zeppelin for about 6 weeks. Although I love nearly everything the band recorded (D’Yer Maker is one I always skip) I find myself drawn this time to the sound of their later, lesser known songs – In The Light, Dancing Days, Over The Hills and Far Away, Ozone Baby – so that will doubtless affect my riff-writing; I am a great one for playing around with alternate guitar tunings, and Jimmy Page is the master of this.

Tentative talks have also begun about the concept of creating a visual mascot for the band – something akin to Maiden’s Eddie – and rough sketches are being made. We also have to decide a running order for the second album and decide on a title, so all in all, we have plenty to do, which is always a good feeling . . .

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