It’s One Louder, Innit? – 02/10/17

This week The 109s will be preparing and practising a nine-song set for a gig this weekend at Wurzefest, a private event held to honour a friend’s birthday. It is sure to be an emotional gig, as the birthday boy lost a close and dear friend a few weeks previously, so the band are intent on giving it 109% when they hit the stage.

Which brings us to the problem of the drums.

120711-Bonzo-BWSteve is not only the best drummer I have played with, he is probably also the best musician I have ever played with – and after 25 years gigging in the UK, Spain and Italy, I have played with a LOT of musicians.

That said, though, he is also the LOUDEST drummer I have ever encountered. He attacks the kit with a Bonham-like wallop which means when The 109s play, both guitars and bass have to be turned up LOUD to match him – which in turn pushes up the vocal and monitor-mix volume, which can lead to ear-piercing squeals of feedback, or prevent the singers being able to hear themselves. Hopefully, the sound system will be big enough that we can mike up all the instruments, avoid any volume problems, and give Steve the opportunity to really let rip.

A wise man once said “A band is only as good as its drummer”.

The 109s are lucky in having a spankingly good one.

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