Proposals, Engagements and a Rae of Sunshine

I have been through an emotional meat-grinder recently. The vortex caused by my father’s death and by the failure of my legal attempts to regain contact with my kids (18IMG_3584 months now without seeing them) have completely swallowed one of the happiest moments of my adult life: I have got Rae (the little beauty pictured here) to agree to marry me.

One of my friends told me it was “essential you take her somewhere nice before you pop the question and get the ring out” but I knew that wasn’t necessary. As a writer, I can use words as a tool to make any location or occurrence feel special. Here is the poem I used to “soften” her up before I jammed the ring on her finger – jammed being the operative word, as the effing thing was too small!


I once did delve the shadowed depths

Beneath the ocean’s waves,

And saw its coral and its pearls,

All lit by light poured down from day.


And mountains have I wandered,

Explored both peak and cave,

And tasted chill, clear water,

From a frosted foothill’s glade.


And yet I find these worldly things,

Are worthless to me now,

For they were mere sketches,

I chose now to disavow,


To me your eyes hold lambent depths,

Free from the cold sea’s flow,

Your hips and hair hold shaded hides,

No mountain-side could grow.


For when two lovers choose to share,

and ask nothing in return,

Mere love may slip its moorings,

And mould one out of a pair,


And through your light and lifting love,

I find all I sought in me,

And in the vows we choose to swear,

We find we both are free.