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Who am I?

I am a crime novelist and guitarist based in the UK. I currently hold a 4.18 (out of 5) star rating on Goodreads from 430 separate reviews.

I employ a short, punchy prose style and have received praise for the pacing, dialogue and characterisation in my books, drawing favourable comparisons to Ian Rankin, wallElmore Leonard and Raymond Chandler.

Want to read some of my work for free? Click here to read a serialised historical tale of which a new chapter is published every Friday.

If you would like to know more about me as a person, click here. For further information on my band, The 109s, click here.

I have had four novels published so far, two of which were translated into German and published by the Random House Publishing Group. Click here to access my Amazon author’s page.


Scarecrow coverThis is my debut novel, and was warmly received by bloggers and the national press. It is the first in the Danny Sanchez trilogy. Danny works as a journalist in Spain, and this book sees him on the trail of a serial killer with a grisly and distinctive modus operandi. The problem? The culprit has already been caught and imprisoned. What is happening? Copycat killer or something darker? Read it and find out.

The third ebook edition of this book is due to be released in December, 2018. From now until then, it can be pre-ordered here for the bargain price of £0.99.

Crime Squad review

The Guardian review


This is a historical thriller set in Germany, August, 1945, when the British Army were handing over control of their zone of occupation to a civilian administration, the Control Commission for WerewolfGermany.

The main character, Detective Inspector Silas Payne, has been seconded to the CCG to help de-nazify the German police force. But when he is asked to investigate the murder of a Waffen-SS officer masquerading as a civilian, Payne finds there is something far darker lurking amid the bombed-out ruins of Germany.

This book has been especially praised for shining a light on a little-known part of history – what occurred in Germany when the fighting stopped? – and for the accuracy of its research.

The Daily Express review

Raven Crime Reads review

Stolen Lives516y6yozmul._sy346_

The second Danny Sanchez book sees him investigating the scandal of the niños robados (stolen children) in Spain, during which tens of thousands of children were stolen from their parents and given away in illegal adoptions. As with all my work, the novel draws on real life events and is meticulously researched, providing the reader the opportunity to learn some history while enjoying a great read.

Anne Bonny Books review

Broken Arrow  

Broken ArrowThe third in the Danny Sanchez trilogy. This deals with the Palomares Incident, which occurred in 1966 and saw the American Airforce drop 4 H-bombs on southern Spain.

Although the bombs were not armed, their casings cracked open, spreading plutonium dust over acres of farmland. Although the Americans spent millions trying to clean the area up, radioactive earth is still being found today – giving Danny Sanchez the opportunity for the scoop of a lifetime.

Crime Squad review (Scroll down to read)

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