Birthday Bash – The 109s’ Flight Log – 09/10/17

At the weekend we played a birthday event for a dear friend of the band’s. This bash had a real old-school festival/rave type feel: the event was set up in a field, kids and pet dogs played happily together on the grass, and the smell of a huge bonfire was carried by a fresh wind, creating that autumnal smell which is so redolent of England.

22228265_10159595553970624_4056225944946497227_nI don’t get nervous before gigs, but I did find the wait to go onstage difficult at this event: I have been teetotal now for more than two years and was surrounded by many friends with whom I used to drink and drug.

I admit, I did feel a slight pang of regret at no longer being able to run with the wolf pack, my belly filled with booze, my head high and hazy with pills and powder, but it was a momentary thing. Sobriety is just so pleasurable once it properly flowers and takes root within a person.

We played in a canvas marquee that proved to have excellent acoustics and tore through a 9-song set in which a complex new song, Unit 731, had its debut.

This week we will be working on another new song with a complex arrangement. I feel my song-writing abilities have really hit their stride now, and I am looking forward to pursuing this particular burst of creativity to its end.

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