Flying the Zeppelin

I listen to at least four or five hours of music every day while I am writing my books. Every year or so, I hit an obsessional phase, during which I spend weeks listening to nothing but the same band. At the moment, the band of choice is Led Zeppelin.

I have the deluxe versions of all their albums and some live ones, so I have more than 10 hours of their music, and this constant diet of some of the best riffs in rock music has percolated down from my ears to my fingertips: a lot of the songs I am writing now are emerging with a distinctly Zeppelinesque sound, which is no bad thing – it is always a joy to take something I feel is perhaps slightly derivative, and then hear the other guys in the band add their own input and turn it into something totally fresh.wealp95792

This is the main reason that all our songs are attributed to The 109s rather than to individual band members: I may write most of the riffs, but they do not become songs until everyone else has added their magic to the mix. The amount of drummers and bass players that have been financially shafted over the years due to unfair song-writing credits is legion.

This week The 109s will be working on material for the third album, ironing out the artwork details for Hollow Point (our second album) and preparing for a headlining gig we have this Friday, October 20th, at the Star in Guildford.

I hope to see some of you there.

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